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EMPHASIS: Patrol's Division Of Drug & Crime Control Announces March 1, 2018 Promotion

Captain Paul D. Kerperin, director of the Division of Drug & Crime Control, General Headquarters, Jefferson City, MO, announces the following promotion effective March 1, 2018: Corporal J. Alex Lacey, Q/DDCC, is being promoted to the rank of sergeant and will remain assigned to the Division of Drug & Crime Control.

Lacey was appointed to the Patrol on October 18, 2004, as a member of the 83rd Recruit Class. Upon graduating from the Patrol's Law Enforcement Academy, he was assigned to Troop E, Zone 11, Stoddard County. He transferred to Zone 4, Cape Girardeau County in August 2008. Lacey transferred to the Division of Drug & Crime Control in October 2013. He was promoted to corporal in April 2015, and remained in DDCC.

Sergeant Lacey was born in Ft. Carson, CO. He graduated from Jackson High School in Jackson, MO, in 1998. Sgt. Lacey and his wife, Adriane (King), have two children.

A photo of Sergeant Lacey is available with this news release on the Patrol’s website.


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