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July 26, 2006

EMPHASIS: Patrol Discontinues Wrecker/Tow Truck Rotation Lists

In compliance with a recent court decision, the Missouri State Highway Patrol troop headquarters will no longer maintain wrecker/tow truck rotation lists. This is effective immediately.

The Patrol has been charged with the responsibility of maintaining safety on the roadways for the past 75 years. This includes the removal of vehicles from the right-of-way, whether left following a crash, after being stranded, or when abandoned. For non-emergency situations, the Patrol will continue to work with motorists to facilitate the quickest and safest response and removal of any vehicle by the wrecker or tow service of the owner’s choice. Troopers will utilize their own discretion for selecting a tow service when the vehicle is a hazard, in emergency situations, and when the motorist has no preference.

The public shouldn’t notice any change in the services provided by the Missouri State Highway Patrol.