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Troop B Headquarters - 308 Pine Crest Drive - Macon, Missouri 63552

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(660) 385-2132
September 6, 2017

EMPHASIS: Troop B Canine Retires

Captain James E. Wilt, commanding officer, Troop B, Macon, announces the canine assigned to Troop B is retiring. Justo, a seven-year old German shepherd, began working in Troop B on November 1, 2011. Justo will retire due to reaching his maximum service age. Justo is trained in drug detection, tracking, and protection. During his career in Troop B, Justo and his handler, Corporal Terry J. Adams, responded to approximately 340 requests for service by city, county, and state officers. Justo was instrumental in assisting officers with making over 40 drug arrests in the Troop B area. Justo excelled at tracking people. Justo had over 25 successful tracks resulting in safely locating criminal suspects, and most importantly, missing persons. Justo is well known by many schoolchildren and the public in the Troop B area from the programs he and Corporal Adams presented. “Justo was a valued member of Troop B,” said Capt. Wilt. “His services were important not only to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, but to many other law enforcement agencies in Northeast Missouri.”
Troop B has obtained a new canine, which will also be assigned to Corporal Adams. The new team is currently in training.
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