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(573) 526-6115
February 1, 2011

EMPHASIS: Patrol Continues To Discourage Travel During Hazardous Winter Weather

The Missouri State Highway Patrol continues to discourage travel during this week's hazardous weather conditions. Freezing rain followed by sleet, heavy snow, wind, and bitterly cold temperatures will continue to make driving treacherous and dangerous should you break down or slide off the road and become stranded. Strong winds will create blizzard and whiteout type conditions in some areas. Whiteout conditions gravely hamper or even stop snow removal making response to some situations difficult or impossible until the whiteout clears.

Troopers are out in full force during these severe weather and driving conditions. All leave days have been canceled and troopers are working 12-hour shifts , some in four-wheel drive pickup trucks, to provide coverage. However, motorists need to be aware response times will be much longer than normal especially on secondary roads. The Patrol worked with the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) to preposition manpower and resources throughout the state on Monday in preparation of the winter storm, which will continue to allow the Patrol to provide the best possible service.

Many of the Patrol's Driver Examination stations are either closed or offering limited services today due to the hazardous weather conditions. The public is urged to call ahead if they are planning a visit to a driver examination station over the next two days. Driver examination station locations, hours of operation and phone numbers can be viewed at or they may call their nearest troop headquarters for more information.